The Snug Beauty & Wellbeing Salon has a wide range of body treatments to help you rejuvenate from the the inside out, make sure you feel completely revitilised and pampered. All our body treatments use high quality products from the Biodroga Range.

Baden-Baden, the world famous spa town, with its palatial baths and thermal springs, has been the home of the family owned enterprise that is BIODROGA for more than forty years. It is from here that our biological beauty-care systems have originated; complete programmes, perfectly co-ordinated for specific skin needs. Research, development and manufacture in the Company's own Baden-Baden laboratories guarantee consistent and outstanding quality.

Inspired by nature and in complete harmony with the world of holistic cosmetology, BIODROGA offers spas outstanding skin and body care products, for both men and women, with a predominantly biological basis, dermatological tested and targeted to the clients? needs. The interaction of high quality substances, biotechnological ingredients and natural aromas offers skin a new vitality and balance.

  • Biodroga FACTS

    Biodoga has a worldwide reputation for excellence and is available in more than forty countries. The products and treatments are available at exclusive Spa Resorts and Hotel Spas around the world, such as the Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme in Heviz, the Ihilani Spa and Resort in Hawaii, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the Brenners Park Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden, to name but a few.



    Whether you have a dry or oily back this treatment is designed to lift dead skin cells and detoxify and purify the skin using the unique Mudd Masque.
    Complete ex-foliation of the back using sea salt followed by a Mudd Masque application, relax on the warming couch whilst the mask does the work.

    This treatment can be followed by a back massage for a complete treat for an extra 20 for a 45 minute bliss spa experience.

    30 Minutes

    Available to order online, click price for details.



    This luxurious body treatment leaves the skin firm yet velvety soft.
    A full Body scrub with salt crystals, followed by the Milk and Honey pack insures your skins metabolism is activated and skin that is normally dry and dehydrated is reborn, Elasticity is improved and body contours are firmed.

    Add Mini Facial for 20 for complete indulgence.

    70 Minutes

    Available to order online, click price for details.



    After a full body scrub our unique blend of aromatherapy oils and marine algae combined to increase micro-circulation. Water retention is reduced with immediately noticeable results, clarifying, smoothing and firming body contours.

    60 Minutes

    Available to order online, click price for details.



    A peel off lift Mask treatment, which refines the appearance of cellulite, leaving the thighs and buttocks smoother and firmer. This treatment is advised as a course to accompany a home weight loss program to help detox, fluid and toxin elimination that cause build up and storage of fatty deposits.
    Also good prior to that little black dress for that special event.

    A salt Scrub is performed to the leg, thighs and buttocks, mask is applied and you enjoy 20 minutes relaxation, a vigorous massage is carried out to complete this treatment to help breakdown and eliminate waste, very invigorating.

    60 Minutes

    Available to order online, click price for details.